Bill Maher Opens Up About Axing Kanye West Interview, “He’s a very charming anti-Semite”

Bill Maher is opening up about his recent interview with Kanye West and why the episode never aired on his Club Random podcast.

“The problem I think is that he appeals mostly—of course, he’s a rock star—to young people,” the 68-year-old explained. “They don’t know much, and they surely don’t know much about the Middle East or Jews. So the combination of, you know, Kanye out there…I feel like he was sort of helpful for spreading the fertilizer. And I do mean fertilizer, for this idea that Israel and the Jews are like the worst people in the world.”

Maher, known for past controversies involving racism and homophobia, revealed that he and West recorded a conversation that he’s hesitant to release.

“I had Kanye right here at Club Random. We did an episode with him,” he continued. “I thought it was gonna be a learning moment. I mean, we were here for two hours. By the way, we had an amazing, fun time. He’s a very charming anti-Semite.”

“And by the way, he’s not the only one in America who feels that way,” said Maher. “It’s not like the Jews are universally loved except for Kanye West.”

When it was suggested to Maher that someone might label Adolf Hitler as a “charming anti-Semite,” he indicated that this is precisely why he’s hesitant to release the episode.

“Yes, exactly,” he said. “That’s why I wouldn’t air that episode. Because I’m not going to contribute to this.”

As you know, Ye recently issued an apology in December to the Jewish community but faced backlash after it was speculated that it was written by AI.

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