Apryl Jones Responds Following Omarion’s Interview With Jason Lee [Video]

Apryl Jones is speaking her piece. After an interview of her children’s father, Omarion, surfaced, she decided to speak out about her issues with it.

During Omarion’s appearance on the Jason Lee Show he talked about Jones’ relationship with his fellow B2K bandmate Lil Fizz. Omarion and Jones have two children together, but following their breakup, she started dating Fizz, causing a widespread social media debate.

Omarion’s comments on Fizz and Jones relationship on Jason Lee’s The Jason Lee Show triggered Jones, who responded with hints that she had dirt on her ex. She also slammed critics who talked about her on social media.

“If a man or a woman does not want to be exposed, then start being good to the people that you are with,” she said. “Why would you think that a person you treated like utter shit is supposed to protect you? I refuse to do it anymore.”

“If you’re a piece of shit, you are definitely a piece of shit,” she continued. “And I won’t sit here and try and cover.”

Jones then suggested to bloggers and media to get both sides from those involved. “Put me on the interview, Jason Lee,” she said. “Put me in the interview room and say, ‘How do you feel?’ Give it a fair shot. Because it hasn’t been fair to me to hear my name constantly, over and over again. I haven’t been able to tell my side.”

Apparently, the Love and Hip Hop reality star is tired of being quiet and of those who have something to say about her.

“Call me what you want to call me: homie-hopper, sex addict,” she said. “I’ll take it. Don’t really give a fuck. Don’t care. But I bet you won’t put me in the same room [as exes that are talking about her]… Y’all see me with certain people, and you’re like ‘Ooh.’… It ain’t what it appears… People are walking around lying and manipulating and egotistical.”

“Any interviewers, any blogs, I am here. I stand tall, I stand firm. Give me an opportunity to speak my muthafuckin’ truth, and put that other person across from me to say his. And I bet you what they’re saying in that room 1699672505 will not be what it will be when I’m sitting front of them.

“And that’s what y’all need to do… Do it proper. Give it to the both sides. Stop giving it to one side and [then] giving it to the world. Y’all can destroy a person like that.”

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