Al B. Sure Calls Out Diddy, Unites with 50 Cent in Explosive Allegations

The whole scene unfolding between Al B. Sure, 50 Cent, and Diddy, is not just your everyday celebrity drama. Al B. Sure, is putting it all out there, making it crystal clear he’s been on the same page as 50 Cent for years, calling out Diddy.

Let’s break it down: Al B. Sure is the proud pops of Quincy, shared with the late Kim Porter, Diddy’s former partner. Over time, Al’s dropped hints about surviving a mysterious coma and raised questions around Porter’s untimely passing, leaving many to side-eye Diddy. But Al’s not stopping at insinuations. He’s got an upcoming doc, the “Al B. Sure Life Story,” promising to spill all the tea on his coma experience and Porter’s death.

In a speech, Al hinted at some major revelations. “You’re gonna have to call Homeland Security,”, possibly throwing shade at Diddy amid some serious Homeland Security action at Diddy’s place last week over an alleged sex trafficking probe.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent couldn’t help but weigh in, finding humor in the situation: “WHY NOBODY SAID NOTHING ABOUT THIS FOOL BUT ME,” 50 questioned on Instagram, bringing more eyes to the issue.

Al B. Sure responded with some history, reminding everyone that he called out Diddy way back in 2012, reaching out to law enforcement to flag some concerning activities. In a now-deleted Instagram comment Al B Sure commented:

Fif you already know. Erybody talkin’ grimy but missed the hidden July 2012 @AllHipHopcom story when B reached out to all Law Enforcement agencies to assist and spat all this current activity verbatim, like Nostradamus then silenced. N***gs called him crazy!
Not so crazy after all, huh? @AndreHarrell also asked Al B! to co-exec produce the UpTown Records story and soundtrack n now he’s ghost? Ok. Happy Easter

In a heartfelt message from 2012 resurfaced by Al B. Sure, he expressed deep gratitude towards his supporters and outlined his journey from Mt. Vernon’s streets to musical acclaim. Yet, he didn’t shy away from sharing the darker side of fame, revealing encounters with jealousy, stalking, and even threats against his life, hinting at a vast conspiracy against him.

In this unfolding saga, it’s clear Al B. Sure and 50 Cent share more than just industry ties; they share grievances and warnings about a figure who’s long been at the center of controversy, Diddy.

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