Akademiks Accuses Lil Baby of Wearing Nail Polish

Akademiks is currently embroiled in a bitter feud with Lil Baby over the rapper allegedly sporting a new look. 

Days ago, Baby previewed a snippet of a new music video. What should have been a joyous occasion for the QC star and his fans quickly turned sour when blogger and streamer Akademiks slammed Baby for seemingly wearing nail polish in the clip. The media personality reposted the video on Twitter and alluded to him being gay. 

“Dis n***a ain’t been the same since then Michael Rubin parties… I kno his nails not painted .. man wats going on in rap,’ he wrote.

Ak followed up with a photo of Baby during Rubin’s All-White party, where the men seem to be horsing around, with the Fanatics CEO grabbing him from behind. 

“The day we lost Lil Baby,” Ak teased. 

While Baby’s nails appear to be painted with a translucent white polish in the music video, the Grammy Award-winner shot down the notion that he had his nails done in the video. He took to his Instagram Story Thursday night to address the matter. 

“Yall blogs gotta stop just posting anything!! I ain’t painting my MF nails!! At this point y’all gotta see n***as like Akademiks got an agenda!! Miss me with that weird sh**!! (No Lol)” the 29-year-old wrote. 

The two have had a longstanding feud, with Akademiks previously calling out Baby for blocking him on social media. Baby would go on to diss Ak on his record, “From Now On,” rapping, “Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me!!!” before suggesting that the “Off The Record” host could get handled offline for his antics. Baby is not the only hip-hop artist to have an issue with Ak, as he is also currently feuding with Meek Mill over his proximity to Diddy, song lyrics and more. 

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